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The Floto Borsa and Firenze Wallet Collection

Floto Imports designs and produces leather bags, luggage, handbags, briefcases, wallets and leather accessories. The mission of Floto Imports is to stick with old world craft methods and materials to produce leather bags, luggage, briefcases, wallets, and accessories that are superior to mass produced products. It all started in 1997 when Joe Floto took a trip to Italy and brought back what later became the inspiration for the Venezia Duffle. While in Florence, Joe stumbled upon the perfect travel bag - moderately priced, rugged, and vintage yet modern. Over the years, Joe noticed two things - his leather duffle began to look better as it aged and he couldn't take it anywhere without someone asking about it - Where did you get that bag? How much was it? Where can I get one? Realizing an opportunity to try something new and fun, Joe left a job on Wall Street to design and make travel bags and accessories.

Hand-crafted in Tuscany of fine Italian calf-skin leather, Floto luggage is an updated twist on a timeless, old world classic appreciated for its handsome lines, feminine appeal, chic styling and durable nature. Every Floto leather bag is a hand-finished original work of art complete with distinctive hardware and finishings. Built to last by skilled Italian artisans, Floto luggage is old-world quality for today’s fast lifestyle. Over time – the more distressed the better. The marks, worn seams and traveled look age with the bag to create an even more attractive version then the first time it’s worn.

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