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Leather Briefcase by Floto

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Floto Leather Briefcase in Brown calfskin

Floto Leather Messenger Briefcase

Milano Slim leather briefcase in four colors

Floto Piazza Leather Messenger

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Floto Poste Messenger
Floto Forum Pack


Leather Messenger Bag - Floto Toscana Messenger

Floto Milano Leather Briefcase

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Poste Leather and Canvas Messengher Bag
Leather and Canvas Roma Messenger Bag
Floto Poste Leather and Canvas messenger bag in Florence, Italy
Floto Roma Messenger
Milano Sleeve leather briefcase
Ciabatta Leather Briefcase by Floto
Corsica Leather Briefcase by Floto
Novella Leather Briefcase
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Floto Forum Pack in Trastevere, Italy
Roma Briefcase
Floto Trastevere Leather Briefcse
Poste Leather Field Messenger Bag
Roma Leather Backpack

Toscana leather backpack

Milano Leather Backpack
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Cortona Leather Briefcase
Venezia Leather Briefcase

Floto Parma Leather Briefcase

Floto Parma Leather Brief
Floto Trastevere Brief
Floto Firenze Leather Briefcase
Vaggo Leather and Canvas Messnger Bag
Vaggo Sling leather and canvas messenger bag
Procida Leather Messenger Backpack
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Floto Monticello Brief
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Grande Leather Luggage Strap
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Parma Leather Strap
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Leather Briefcases

Who says work gear needs to be utilitarian and boring? At Floto Imports, we specialize in handcrafted high quality leather bags and accessories; and this includes our selection for leather briefcases for men and women. Our leather briefcases answer a variety of needs.



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